Technically I think this painting is fine, but it doesn't move me. Just kind of sits there. I'm not sure if there is too much going on, if the grass is too green. If there should be better lighting. Any suggestions would be great. 

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Hi Catherine, 

First I should mention that I come from a less is more perspective. 

Technically, your painting is outstanding but I feel pulled by so many clear and present subjects.  With that in mind, perhaps going back to your concept - what it was that drew you to this particular scene in the first place - might help you sort out what is lacking.  Was it the quiet grazing of the cows (which seems appropriate because they have faces and we know faces draw attention) ?  If so, you could send the structures back and soften their edges so they are merely a backdrop and dont compete with the cows.  Consider, too, a cooling and graying of the yellow orange grass by the barn to help send it back a little more while brightening the foreground with a little more saturation specifically around a cow or cows you want to highlight.  

The light is beautifully hot against the barns and gives me the impression of a hot day however, it's a little cool around the cows.  The green in the light could be warmed a bit to agree with the light on the barns.  

I wonder what would happen if you omitted the 2 left cows.  It would almost give a backward C armature into the scene leading back to the structures.  In that case they would not be so much the competition as the destination.  

With that perspective, it could be the cows in a horizontal line across the foreground may be causing a "fence line" effect that visually stops you - yet the clear distant structures compete with the fence line.  Does that make sense?  Kind of like having two paintings.  One in the front (cows) and one in the back (barn).  

I'm not sure what exactly you want to say with your concept so I hope I havent stepped on any toes.  Clearly you have terrific draftsmanship skills and painting skills.  These are just some things I look at in my own paintings so it's food for thought. 

Hope it helps!  :)


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